Mr Skinny Legs

My 4 year old waited until after he was 3 to really start talking. Since then he’s only quite if he’s asleep. It makes me insane half the time, the rest of the time I cant wait to hear what he has to tell me about.

One day my oldest comes to me to tell me there is a big spider by her bed and it has to be poisonous. “Daddy said he’d kill it and he didn’t” before I could respond the 4 year old says “Oh! That’s just Mr.Skinny legs he’s my pet spider, you can’t kill him”. Upon which my daughter said she wouldn’t sleep in her room as long as Mr. Skinny legs was there.

I continued to do dishes and get dinner together when my 4 year old appears both concerned and excited. “Mommy, Mr Skinny legs tried to eat a toy, he was being a bad spider so I had to smoosh him he’s flat and dead.” I told him to tell his sister as she would be happy, and she was.

Later on that day I was folding laundry while they boys ran wild carrying toys and such room to room. I mean what’s more fun than keeping mom busy, right? The 4 year old stops mid stride and said “It’s a miracle! Mr skinny legs is back and he’s invincible.” This required some investigation on my part so I followed the line of running wild boys to find the 4 year old in the pirate ship bed holding a big plastic spider proudly. “Mr Skinny legs is going to be a pirate he’s magic”.

Now we are a family of 6 with a dog and a magic plastic spider named Mr Skinny Legs.

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