The Phantom Car

It was just your average Wednesday afternoon in a small desert town and my mother was leaving work and heading to the supermarket. My mother was a smaller woman, 5’1, curvy but not chunky. She had big curly brushed out put up almost beehive like hair. She loved colors and was always very vibrant. Beautiful striking green eyes, and where I get the ‘this shit only happens to me’ from. Thanks mom.

Back then mom had a 84 Crown Victoria wagon, it was awesome for it’s time, nothing greater than sitting in the pop up third row looking at the driver behind you while they try to avoid eye contact. Not to mention that glorious moment Michael Jackson comes on the radio and Mom would pull the Bass knob and turn up the radio.

Now back to that Wendesday. She gets in her car like any other day. All buckled and ready to go she starts down the dirt road approach a left hand turn she applied the break and her seat slowly crept forward. Upon the next turn her seat moved back into place. Now slightly concerned but trying to remain calm as her seat begins moving back and forth and up and down as she heads uphill under a over pass. At the top of the hill was a stop sign and a sheriff facing my mother. Trying her best to remain calm she begins crying, the more her seat moves the more she moves it’s a vicious cycle. Left turn signal on, she’s got this. Up, back, down, forward… apply gas, turn wheel and…. yes ladies and gentleman at that moment her seat fully reclined. The sheriff now seeing the strange woman suspiciously moving around totally disappear from sight makes a U turn and lights on. My mother has now sat up clenching the steering wheel crying as her seat moves back and forth, up and down, recline and incline. She pulls over and puts the car in park. This did not stop the seat.

As she sits there trying to act like nothing is wrong the officer approached the car. He said “ma’am what exactly are you doing?” Now bursting into tears my mother responded “My car is possessed, I cant make it stop.” The officer was not amused and said “I’m going to need you to step out of the vehicle.” I imagine my mom was totally about to loose it at this point. He opened the door and laughed, “Nevermind Ma’am, they wont believe this one.” My mother watches as the officers hand reaches down and unwraps her seat belt from her electric seat controls. “Now you be safe.” Needless to say her fear turned into embarrassment and she came straight home to tell the story.

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