Although incredibly irritating and often embarrassing I am a little envious of the children’s ability to have a total meltdown.

My 4 year old just had a tantrum. Not just your average run of the mill tantrum, oh no, this was the injured dolphin flop with high pitched squall scream. A good 12 ft, impressive distance to flop and flap ones self. Why, because I told him he had to hug his sister and could not build a cage for the dog out of his brothers beds.

I have seen my 8 year old spin in the air and collapse on the ground instantly spinning and screaming. Total exorcist style, over crackers.

What would happen if I had a tantrum….

Would they cower in terror? Could I pee in peace? Would I break a hip? … Would they call for help or take full advantage of the snack stash? Too risky.

So I just watch emotionless until they calm down enough that I can send them to bed.

How relieving it would be to have a proper hissy fit. Allow all the anger, fear, and frustration to just burst through. Arms flailing and feet kicking all while screaming. However, I am a grown up. Well I’ve been informed I’m a grown up, I am supposed to be in charge here anyway.

Maybe I can demand a giant where the hell is this thing going to sit teddy bear. His sole purpose would be to give me a place to have the ultimate hissy fit. Maybe I’ll just stick to coffee till wine time and a antidepressant at bed.


I was born in Hinkley, California. Small town best known for its deadly contaminated water. Childhood was full of life long gone and forgotten in today’s world. I was homeschooled on and off through my youth. I was raised to be a free spirit guided by my heart and intuition. I have 5 siblings, although I only grew up with 2 of my brothers. The oldest 4 were teenagers when I came along, 2 sisters and a brother from my fathers previous marriage and a brother from my mothers previous marriage. My parents then had Yancy and 2 years later I came along. Yancy was born with a rare genetic disorder called Tabular Sclerosis, usually hereditary but his case was sporadic, this led to lots of experiments and testing through our childhood. We separated from my father in the early 90s and life became a totally new world. In 2006 I moved with my mother, brother, and grandmother to Indiana where they all died back to back leaving me alone in a unfamiliar place. I have since had 4 children. My oldest is my only girl, my strong, smart, creative, beauty. She saved me in more ways than she will ever know. 3 years later I welcomed my first son to the world, oh boy! He’s a wild one, vivid imagination, so sweet and 100% boy. Lastly my grand finale was twin boys 2 years later. Amazing tiny little individuals, they are also 100% wild boys. I now live in a tiny rural town in Georgia, this is where you join me. Welcome to the life of Pi D.